Recently, I took a look at the main web development languages ​​to know in 2018. But if you’re going to capitalize on this information and learn one of those languages, what resources are available to you? As with many things in life, the best way to learn programming is to practice programming.

These are the 10 best web development tutorial website for beginners

1. Coursera

Coursera is currently the largest MOOC (mass open online course) on the market, with over 25 million students, 149 university partners and more than 2,000 courses (at the time of writing this article).

Founded by two Stanford computer professors, most of these courses are in computer science, covering languages ​​from basic front-end elements such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to back-end classics such as PHP, Node.js and Python.

Most courses are free, unless you want to upgrade your online university experience with benefits such as certificates and additional help from instructors. Coursera offers its own certification programs called “specializations” for around $ 40 to $ 150, and online masters completely online, as this Master’s program in Computer Science in Data of the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.

2. edX

Founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, edX is an open source non-profit MOOC where a wide variety of courses can be found from leading universities and industry leaders such as the University of Pennsylvania or Microsoft.

The courses are free and at the end you have the possibility to pay an official certificate. You can learn the basics of the W3C front-end itself (World Wide Web Consortium), the international organization responsible for managing global web standards such as HTML5. Or get a professional certificate in Agile development using Berkeley Rails.

3. Udacity

There must have been something in the water at Stanford University, because the fourth largest MOOC on the web has humble origins as an experiment by Sebastian Thrun, better known as the brain behind Google’s Driving Car, and his co-teacher of Stanford CS221. They launched a free online course “Introduction to artificial intelligence”, received more than 100,000 entries and helped boost the MOOC feeling.

Udacity offers the opportunity to learn computer science with professionals from the technology companies industry such as Google, GitHub and Amazon. The Udacity paid certificates are called “nanodegrees”, which allow you to obtain credentials for industry-specific skills such as an automatic learning engineer, full-stack web developer or mobile web specialist. You can always skip the project and take the courses individually for free; it just depends on how much you want to get from the experience.

4. Codecademy

The reliable Codecademy stays a standout amongst the most prevalent web advancement course sites. Free courses direct you through the fundamental ideas of dialects ​​such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

What makes Codecademy one of a kind is that it finishes these exercises and instructional exercises totally in its program based coordinated advancement (IDE) condition, which enables you to rehearse what you educate continuously. Your list additionally incorporates activities and tests for Pro individuals so you can try their insight.

5. Khan Academy

The tone of Khan Academy is difficult to beat: “You can get the hang of anything, for nothing, for everybody, until the end of time.” You will discover high caliber instructive recordings that cover everything from natural science to music hypothesis. Obviously, it is incorporated into this rundown for its astounding basic seminars on HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Khan Academy dives into the essentials of a college style and furthermore covers more extensive ideas of data innovation, for example, data hypothesis. The recordings are facilitated on YouTube, so in the event that you like to look for a specific dialect or instructional exercise, you can go to your channel and abstain from perusing the whole course.


At whatever point I am searching for the most recent and best instructional exercises for another JavaScript structure, for example, Vue.js, I frequently end up on They have finish inside and out courses in Node.js, AngularJS, Angular, React and Vue. They additionally have an entire course for Laravel, a Model-View-Controller (MVC) structure for PHP.

Notwithstanding these courses, there are many blog entries and instructional exercises for an extensive variety of dialects, including GoLang, Sass and ASP.NET, just to give you a thought of ​​the assortment of advancements you can discover on this website. Do you require an instructional exercise to control you through hypothesis and practice? is the site for you.

7. Task Odin

The coding of preparing camps is chic nowadays, particularly for those with almost no programming background who need to roll out a lifelong improvement. Sadly, factors, for example, cost and area can be snags for some individuals.

The Odin Project is a free coding bootcamp that you can go to totally on the web. They show you all that you have to know to wind up a full-included web engineer with an attention on JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Ruby on Rails. Even better, you can finish genuine tasks that can be transferred to GitHub to help finish your resume, much the same as a traditional preparing camp.

Everything, from the site to the educational programs it has, is open source, which implies that one day you can push add to the Odin Project as an expert understudy.

8. freeCodeCamp

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for an approach to figure out how to code while helping the world to improve as a place? freeCodeCamp offers all the typical focal points of a coding camp: instructional exercises, challenges, undertakings, associations and declarations, yet at no expense to you.

Shockingly better, ensuing tasks give you the chance to increase genuine involvement in making web applications for not-for-profit associations. Take in the intricate details of front-end web advancement, including JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap and jQuery. Or on the other hand get a testament in the advancement of back-end for the learning of Node.js, Express and MongoDB. Like any dynamic open source network, freeCodeCamp is continually developing with new activities, difficulties and declarations seemingly within easy reach.

9. HackerRank

In the event that you as of now make them code understanding added to your repertoire, HackerRank gives you the chance to test your web advancement abilities with software engineers far and wide. A few people learn better in aggressive conditions and the excite of climbing the leaderboard may be exactly what you have to propel your proceeded with development as an engineer. Procure focuses by finishing coding challenges. Win prizes in hackathons and different rivalries.

A wide assortment of dialects ​​are bolstered on the site, including Java, C ++, Ruby, Python and SQL. As an extra reward, the difficulties of HackerRank are right now slants as a channel for procuring administrators in the innovation part.

10. Codewars
Are you looking for a coding dojo to improve your skills? Codewars is a martial arts coding practice site where you complete the challenges called “kata” to gain “honor” to rise in rank and move up the leaderboards.

Codewars emphasizes test-driven development (TDD) that allows you to use test cases to verify the performance of your code in the browser to complete katas. The site supports the usual suspects such as JavaScript, Ruby, Python and PHP, but also covers newer languages ​​such as Go and Swift.

Bonus: Codification of communities and events.
Beyond tutoring sites and online courses, there are online communities that are an integral part of one’s growth as a web developer.

Fighting with a piece of code? Stack Overflow is the most reliable place to ask questions and receive detailed answers from other developers through the web.
Are you looking for a place outside the official channels of a given language or framework to have an open forum for discussion? There is usually a Reddit thread for every language or framework you can think of, and more general resources such as r / WebdevTutorials.
Anxious to give back to the world and encourage groups with little representation to enter coding? Consider joining a community like Rails Girls, which encourages girls to learn how to program through Ruby on Rails. Upwork product architect, Aurel Canciu, volunteers during his free time. There are many groups and communities that not only continue with their own growth, but also to help others excel.