Front-end web developers: what you will do and where you will do it

Speaking of salaries, front-end web developers have one of the most profitable skills in the current job market. According to Google, the national average salary for front-end developers exceeds $ 85,000. In markets where competition for high-tech talent is fierce, the average salary can exceed $ 120,000.

For a mid-level application developer here in New York,” Pugh said, “it’s pretty standard to see that salaries start at the low $ 100,000.” than other entry-level roles

Where are the jobs

But not all labor markets are created equal. The location plays an important role in what you will eventually gain as a developer of user applications. In fact, according to Payscale’s data, geographic location is the most important factor affecting pay for web front-end developers, even more than experience.

The seven cities with the highest average salary for developers are, from more to less dollars above average: San Francisco, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Atlanta and Chicago.

How the front-end development salaries compare

The explosion of mobile telephony and electronic commerce makes a strong coding experience a necessity for a wider range of companies than ever before. But this also means that the plentiful supply of jobs in the field can be offset by increased competition among budding developers. So, how do front-end developers stack up against the rest?

According to Glassdoor and Payscale, the national average salaries look something like this:

Software Engineers: $ 105,195
Back-End Developers: $ 90,043
Front-End Developers: $ 80,200
Programmers: $ 65,806
Web Designers: $ 47,281
All these works have similar roots, so why the variation? One of the main reasons is that each position plays a different but integral role in the development of digital technology, and each requires a different set of skills. Another reason is simple supply and demand: how many companies need people to perform these functions and how many trained professionals are available to fulfill them?

While UI developers may not head the chart in terms of salary, their role comes with some unique challenges and opportunities. They work in collaboration with all those mentioned above, which gives them a broader role in the development process, as well as the opportunity to make valuable network connections that can lead to other professional opportunities in the future.